Sourcing & Logistics Agent in Turkey

Sourcing from Turkey Made Simple

We offer end-to-end Sourcing and Logistics Solutions from Turkey for clients of all sizes while ensuring lowest costs and highest service quality.

We have worked with well-known brands around the world

Our Solutions

Solutions Tailored to your needs

Explore our comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique requirements. 

A-Z Sourcing

Explore hassle-free sourcing with us — from finding the perfect product to safe delivery it, we've got every step covered.

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Project Procurement Management

Streamline your material purchases from Turkiye with a single contact and payment point for all your project needs.

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Export Logistics

Leverage our 4pl expertise to ensure the seamless and secure delivery of our goods, optimizing every step of the logistics journey.

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Furniture Export

Turn your dream home into a reality with our comprehensive solution. You pick the furniture, and we will handle the rest!

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Our Professional Services

Sourcing Turkish Products Made Simple

Experience sourcing simplicity with our comprehensive services, tailored to make every step of your journey seamless and successful.


Custom production

Ignite creativity and turn unique visions into tangible masterpieces. Tailored solutions for unparalleled innovation.

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Efficient global logistics management with a focus on secure packing and timely deliveries. Experience seamless supply chain solutions.

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Quality control and QA

Meticulous quality assurance through rigorous control processes. Ensure each product meets the highest standards.

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Product sourcing

Unlock a world of Turkish suppliers and products with our strategic sourcing services. From supplier discovery to price negotiations, we make sourcing a breeze.

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Professional Services

Expert services

Expert guidance and support at every stage of your sourcing journey. Covering consultancy and specialized expertise to ensure your success.

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Product Expertise

Bringing the best of Turkey to you

Elevate your business with the best products made in Turkey. Our experts will help every step of they way to find the best products that align with your standards and budget.

Looking for Turkish Products?

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Big or Small, Lakcom is Right For You

We offer unique benefits for clients of all sizes in different business fields.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities

Dedicated support for small and medium business owners looking to optimize procurement, enhance operations, and scale efficiently.

  • Purchase only the quantities needed
  • Best prices, and favorable payment terms
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Minimize risk, maximize profit


Dedicated support for wholesalers looking to streamline procurement, enhance operations, and scale efficiently.

  • Minimize stock, Maximize turnover
  • Multiple sources, single payment, single shipment
  • Minimize risk, maximize profit

Production Facilities

Dedicated support for all types of production facilities looking to streamline procurement, enhance operations, and scale efficiently.

  • Streamline Procurement
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Strategic Supplier Partnerships
  • Timely deliveries
  • Quality Control Assurance


Dedicated support for contractors looking to optimize procurement and enhance operations.

  • Single Secure payment channel
  • Solutions tailored to your project
  • Purchase from multiple, single shipment
  • Simplify your project procurement processes
  • Quality and Quantity control

Let your store stand out

Dedicated support for store owner looking to simplify producrement, and bring in the best items for their customers.

  • Minimize stock, maximize turnover
  • Easily try out new products
  • Purchase from multiple sources, single shipment
  • Dedicated account manager
Frequently asked questions


Find the answers to the most asked questions about our company and services

Where is your company based?

Our company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia to facilitate efficient sourcing and shipping services.

Do you have minimum order value?

While we don't impose a minimum order value, we do have a minimum service charge. Contact us for more details.

How do you charge for you services?

We keep it simple. We look at each client's needs and provide a fair price based on what you require.

What type of products do you work with?

We work with anything made in Turkey! No restrictions here. If it's in Turkey, we can get it for you.

How can we start working with you?

Just fill out our contact form and let us know what you are looking for. Our experts will then contact you shortly and guide you through the process!

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Contact us today, we’re here to help

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Deposite Office Bld., 4th Floor, No. 426 Başakşehir - Istanbul / Turkey