Account Manager

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Lakcom Global expanded across the Middle East in 2018. Our service offering has been hugely successful in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia And Qatar where we now have over 25 based team members. Our customer centric, streamlined way of operating enables us to delivery exceptional service in a highly demanding market.
We understand the implications of cost on your imports and take our competitiveness seriously. Before a shipment is moved, our team ensures that the costs and services at every point under our control are the most competitive in the industry.
Lakcom Global ensures its quality standards with Account Manager service:
1. The Account Manager Acts as the liaison between you, Suppliers, and the 3PL.
2. providing you excellent customer service
3. Negotiate fair rates with both Supplier and the 3PL.
4. Manage the movement of your goods, ensuring that they are picked up and packaged according our standards to delivered on time to your satisfaction
5. Locate carriers for negotiated loads
6. Communicate daily with carriers
7. Accurately enter and maintain up-to-date information in our Lakcom Global Commodities-created database system where you can check out all updates online.
8. Work quickly and effectively to resolve problems that may develop on a freight shipment.

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