We Globally Use Technology To Manage Logistics–Inspiring Commerce

About Us

About Us

Turkey and Turkish products are in high demand today, especially from abroad. Nevertheless, not many businesses try to import Turkish products due to the difficulties involved. Therefore, many of the end-users’ demand for Turkish products aren’t satisfied for there aren’t enough Turkish products to go around or they aren’t very affordable.

At Lakcom Global, we offer solutions to make it convenient for businesses to import Turkish products even without visiting Turkey. We believe Turkish products should be easily accessible worldwide and at affordable prices.

Our Mission

We use technology and manage logistics to inspire your commerce

Our mission is to increase the volume of exports originating from Turkey to all around the world. With the help of technology and our experience in logistics, we offer convenient solutions to inspire businesses and entrepreneurs to start importing Turkish products easily.

Our Vision

Turkish products easily accessible around the world at affordable prices

We want to be the indispensable backbone of all businesses and the go-to destination of individuals that want to import Turkish products through building trust and providing unique services and customer experiences.