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Sourcing Services

Product Sourcing


Find the right Turkish suppliers for your business with LAKCOM.

Supplier Follow-up

After your order has been placed, we follow-up with the suppliers and makes sure that the production or procurement of your goods is on schedule and keep you informed of any progress.


We extend our experience in the Turkish market and the export business to give you useful insights regarding sourcing, regulatory compliance, import/export processes, etc.

Supplier Payment Management

We negotiate payment terms with the suppliers such that your product requirements (quality, specifications, count, etc.) are met before payments are made to the supplier.

Logistics Arrangement

Our sourcing services include making all kinds of logistics arrangements like storage, paperwork preparations, and shipping arrangements among other services.

Private Labeling

With our private labeling service, you can have your own brand name attached to products you source.

Price Negotiations

We negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf and get you the best possible price offers.