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At Lakcom Global, our mission is to be the number one choice for Import companies looking outsource their logistics and back office services. We achieve this by reducing costs throughout the supply chain and consistently delivering the highest standards in service, quality and efficiency. Lakcom Global currently serves more than 120 importers in Middle East. Lakcom global develops and implements customized operational processes in collaboration with our key partners. This minimizes risk and ensures seamless delivery across every point in the supply chain. We are experts in the Furniture, Kitchen ware, Home appliances, textile Home, and industries, supporting our clients’ growth in an ever-changing market. Whether you are growing rapidly, changing facilities or switching distribution channels, we seamlessly support your operations throughout the process, in your timeframe. We offer a powerful web-based shipment tracking and logistics management. It monitors your Business from pre-production, ordering and shipment to delivery in real time. Its advantage lies in the collaboration of all participants, enabling Lakcom Global to manage freight upstream, therefore allowing clients and other strategic partners to control downstream processes.
This provides a centralized, consistent platform for communication and management between all parties. Some of our solutions include:
1.Comprehensive freight management
2.Milestone tracking
3.Real-time order tracking
4.Reporting and analysis
5.Ability to customize Account Manager to meet your business

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