Shopping from Turkey made easy!

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Shop Turkey wherever you are

Our Shopping Assistant service helps international customers around the world purchase what they want from Turkey at the comfort of their homes. Shop from Turkey with local prices and save on shipping with our free consolidation service.

Shopping from Turkey made easy

Getting what you want from Turkey shouldn’t be difficult. With LAKCOM, shopping from Turkey is now easier with these few simple steps:

1. Choosing Products

Tell us about what you want to buy by filling our Shopping Assistant request form. Provide product links, images, description, etc.

2. Purchasing & Consolidation

Your shopping assistant will purchase the products for you and combine them in a single package. You can purchase from multiple sources at once.

3. Delivery

When you are done shopping, we will pack your purchases into one package and ship them to your address at affordable rates.

What can you shop with LAKCOM

Our shopping services bring you ease of mind, and saves you money

Turkish Websites

Easily shop from Turkish websites. Tell us what you want and we'll get it for you!

Social Media Shops

We can help you buy products you find on Turkish social media accounts.

Local Turkish Stores

If you liked a product you found in a local shop during one of your visits, we can get it for you!

Special Items

Are you looking for a special item from Turkey? Tell us about what you want and our expert team will find and deliver it to you.

Why Shop through LAKCOM

With many shopping platforms available in the market, here are the advantages of shopping Turkey through us:

Big Savings

Shop with local prices as if you are in Turkey, and save on every item

Save up to 80% on Shipping

Combine multiple packages into one shipment and save up to 80%

Single Payment

Purchase from multiple sources, pay only once!

Exclusive Deals

Get access to exclusive deals available only in Turkey

1 Month Free Storage

Store your purchases for free until you are ready for shipping

Start shopping from Turkey with LAKCOM, and start saving!

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