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FAQs about Virtual Mall solution

Every shopper can visit our stores from the comfort of their homes and shop as they sit in front of the computer.
1) LAKCOM Virtual Mall allows customers to browse for products and checking prices between Turkish brands’ online stores. 2) Shopping via LAKCOM Virtual Mall is a wise choice which does not require them to travel to turkey to buy Turkish products from Turkish stores. 3) The mostimportant point is delivery from TURKEY till your door.
Choose the payment method or pay by using our secure online payment system.
You can shop a variety of items from our online stores. In fact, you can purchase just about anything from the Turkish brands that provide their products online via LAKCOM Virtual Mall. Kitchen ware, household appliances, beddings, and other items and categories.
Just get registered (for free) Via LAKCOM Virtual Mall, submit your address, then With a click of mouse, you can buy the Turkish things you need, and LAKCOM virtual Mall will delivery your products as soon as possible with price that include all the expenses.
It depends on the country where the delivery address is, but generally it takes 7-20 days.